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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

What's your concern here @Matomo? Just that BBC One HD will remain at position 101 (for non IP users), instead of moving to 1?
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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Yes! Thanks Darren, that’s exactly it. 

As I’ve mentioned that’s what’s happened with my regional version of ITV 1. 

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

BBC One HD has been in position 101 since launch over 12 years ago, alongside the other PSB HD channels, and in the 100+ range alongside all other HD channels. I don't see why regionalisation should/would change that?
I see that Freeview Play devices will have an option to move it to position 1, but I don't expect YouView to offer the option.
I personally think it's illogical and confusing thing to do - SD is 1-5 and HD is 101-105.

For IP mode, ALL the PSB channels are moved to 1-5 as they're only available in HD.

And what about people who don't want the HD channel at position 1?
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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Every other platform has done exactly that though. BBC 1 HD (the England national version) has been on channel 101 since launch, yes. But the regional version is a whole different kettle of fish, being a simulcast of the SD version. 

Sky, Freesat (with the exception of Channel 4 HD due to temporary subtitle issues), and Freeview Play all swap the SD and HD channels so the HD ones appear first on 1-5. It’s not the least bit confusing, it’s what people expect. 

I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t want their regional HD channels on channels 1-5 to be honest, and as I say every other platform does exactly that. 

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

I don't have Sky, but I thought BBC One was in position 101, alongside the other PSB channels (and without any SD option).
When ALL the channels have moved, I agree it would make sense - which is why other platforms (that control the video distribution) can do it, but to have channels 1-5 being a mixture of SD and HD, and having gaps in the 101-105 range, would just be odd.

All just my opinion, obviously.
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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

101 is the first channel on Sky, rather than 1. 

The HD versions of the regional channels on Sky are on 101-105, BBC One HD (North West for me) moved to 101 last month when it launched on satellite. So they’re the first 5 channels you see. 

Sky swaps HD simulcasts in every case so they always appear before their SD equivalent. 

As for your last point, the 5 PSB channels will now all have switched to HD on Freeview/YouView! You wouldn’t have gaps in 101-105, they would be the SD versions. You literally just swap the channels like Sky does. 

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Well the Youview published position appears to be thus

1.4  YouView does not have any responsibility for allocating LCNs for channels broadcast using DTT. Digital UK Limited (“Digital UK”)2 remains responsible for allocating LCNs to these channels and YouView will reproduce, in the “Guide” section of the YouView UI, the LCNs as they appear on the DTT platform.

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Has anyone else noticed a drop in quality on 101 (BBC 1 HD)?

I thought this change was to put national and regional BBC 1 programmes all on 101 in HD. Since i did the retune, there's a notable drop in the quality when watching the news and then even more so when it switches to the regional news. I was expecting to see my regional BBC news in HD for the first time but instead it appears regional still shows in SD (but on a new channel) and what was previously HD has reduced in quality.

Am I the only one? I couldn't find any other posts when searching.


Feel like i'll be watching more live TV streamed via the BBC iPlayer app at this rate 😞

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Most regional news is still broadcast in upscaled SD as the equipment hasn't been upgraded yet - which region are you?

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Re: BBC One HD Regionalisation

Ah i see.

I'm south Warwickshire which comes under the West Midlands broadcast region so this makes sense.

Is it just me that's also noticed the national news which has been in HD for a long while now reduce in quality? It's certainly not as bad as the regional SD upscale, but it's not as sharp as it was before the retune.

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