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BT Box Pro soft reset, issues with concurrent recording, unable to jump direct to live

Although I was convinced I deliberately did not opt for internet mode in set-up (as I wanted to be able to perform 4 recordings concurrently as opposed to the previous HD box's maximum of 2 which rather was rather limiting) I find that I am still limited to a max of two concurrent recordings. Furthermore I know I can't be in internet mode as there are no additional HD channels available to watch such as 5USA.  I don't yet have a full fibre connection (FTTP) but instead have Fibre 2 broadband, but not sure whether that makes any difference. 

I would like to try and see if I can switch to internet mode now I know more about the distinction in quality between it and aerial mode but do not wish to lose all the recordings 


I have tried to perform a soft reset (via instructions from tech support - holding down the button on RH side of the box whilst inserting the power cord back into the TV box power socket) but Y/N maintenance options appearing etc). 

I also can't seem to be able to jump to live from a timeshift position in the same simple way that it was possible to do with the previous remote and set top box. 

Incredibly frustrated that this box will not do the simplest of tasks as the previous one could. Would appreciate any assistance.


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