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BT Mini Connector Pack

Hi, Thanks in advance if anyone can help me, I'm stumped. I moved home two days ago, we had BT broadband pluged in on one side of the room with cables (White) running round the room to the router. Yesterday we had a new phone line and aerial lead fitted. We also had a BT mini connector kit delivered. I've plugged these in and connected the yellow connectors in, one in the back of the bt box and one in the back of the router. The TV and box are on one side of the room and the phone and router on the other due to the position of the phone connection unit. Thinking the BT engineer would sort everything out I didn't bring the white cables with me. I cant get any HD channels or analogue channels  number1 and 2 but I can get 3 or 4 etc. Do I need the white cables as we used to  use to have to link the sky box and router, which I can still get from the old house, or buy new? Have I done something wrong with the mini connector pac?. Thanks for reading this long post.Be grateful for any advice.

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Re: BT Mini Connector Pack

All a little confusing. Which "BT box" do you have?

"White cables" I'm guessing is ethernet? But networking shouldn't affect Freeview TV reception. You refer to a new aerial lead, is that with a new aerial or some kind of extension?

Further confusion with analogue channels as there are no analogue channels any more. But you need to be focusing on the aerial rather than networking.

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