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BT Probox - freeview channels unwatchable.

The subject says it all really. This problem has started within the last couple of weeks. The picture is totally distorted and there is no sound. The only way to temporarily solve the issue is to re- boot the box. This solves the problem for a couple of days. It affects both SD and HD channels.

No problems with the picture when watching sky sports and film channel.

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Re: BT Probox - freeview channels unwatchable.

Using an aerial or are you set up in IPTV mode @Shyboy ?

High pressure often causes issues when using an aerial, Freeview have an update page to let you know when it is expected.

Conversely, sometimes the aerial signal can be “too good” as well and sometimes you need to fit an attenuator to dial the signal back a bit.

Do you have the same issues when your aerial is plugged into your TV?

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Re: BT Probox - freeview channels unwatchable.

Hi Stereohaven and thanks for your response.

I watch the freeview channels via the aerial and the picture is fine if  watching them through the tv.

The issue has only started in the last couple of weeks, although I have noticed that the picture on some channels has been "blocky" since I had the probox. No issues with the older box in the past.

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Re: BT Probox - freeview channels unwatchable.


Go into the settings and look at the signal quality and strength figures on any affected channels.

Historically the BT Youview units have not liked strong signals and if you have a signal strength in excess of , say, 85% then that's likely to be the issue. The aim is to have signal quality at a steady 100%.

Freeview do change transmitter strengths from time to time and a recent change could potentially caused this problem.

As @stereohaven has mentioned a variable attenuator connected to the input side of the Youview box and adjusted to the figure I've mentioned could be your solution.

TV Tuners tend to be much better the those on BT's units.

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Re: BT Probox - freeview channels unwatchable.

@TimCurtis attenuators work great with signals that are too strong 👍

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