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BT TV Box Pro Please add 60Hz option

Hello, I am a new BT customer just received the BT Box pro. So far it is good and I very much like the new IPTV that was just introduced.

Please add a 60hz display mode option or fix auto frame rate for Netflix. It's great that Netflix is supported in HDR and Atmos is working, but if it is locked to 50hz it is not going to be a good platform for watching a lot of shows.

Currently there is a bug where the box does enter 60hz mode after leaving long standby when auto framerate is enabled so it's clear that the hardware does support 60hz output. 24hz does work correctly for Amazon Prime so the box can support 24p.

If you're not going to support auto framerate switching to 24hz on Netflix which would be amazing if that could be enabled, please add an option in settings where we can toggle between 50hz and 60hz.

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Re: BT TV Box Pro Please add 60Hz option

this! Ive also noticed the movies looked a bit weird on it..

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Re: BT TV Box Pro Please add 60Hz option

I understand there would be difficulties and BT wouldn't want users to be able to run in 60Hz all time as then they might not have a great experience when watching TV.

The best solutions would be to add support for framerate matching for Netflix even if it just forces 60hz. Or add some sort of per app refresh rate override setting even if it is hidden from the user.

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