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BT TV Box Pro won't turn off TV

My new BT TV Pro box has been installed and will control the volume on my TV (so obviously is connected).

But it will not turn off my TV - the BT Box goes off but the TV stays on.

Strangely, turning on the BT box DOES switch on my TV automatically! (but won't turn it off    ???)

I have tried the standard home/9 reset on the remote but still no good.

I have a new Sony Bravia 4K TV so I would have thought it would be compatible.

I appreciate that I can use an old BT remote (with the extra power off button) but, to be honest I may as well use my Tv remote to do this.

I s there a setting on my new TV that may be blocking this? Or is it just the case that these two devices just aren't compatible for this function? (although as I said, the volume control works fine)


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Re: BT TV Box Pro won't turn off TV

@Bakersboy Have you tried a long press on the power button?  Short press turns of BT box, a long press should  turn off TV and BT box (I have a Sony 4K Bravia too, and it works for me).

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Re: BT TV Box Pro won't turn off TV

sorry yes, should have mentioned that.

I have tried a long press (I knew this...) but no go.

In fact it's strange on my TV as long press brings up 2 boxes to either 'x - cancel' or 'restart tv'.

something in my options needs setting differently?


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Re: BT TV Box Pro won't turn off TV

My new remote turns the TV off but comes up with 2 boxes restart or cancel. I have pressed and held BT button.  Then the TV goes into reset mode and comes on again. Can someone help?

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Re: BT TV Box Pro won't turn off TV

Having the same issue with my Samsung smart TV.

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Re: BT TV Box Pro won't turn off TV

Have just bought new Samsung smart TV and had same problem.

I am notorious for randomly  pressing buttons  without reading instructions  ( I could start WW3 if not supervised).

However I discovered that pressing the top left button  brings up list of input sources showing HDMI ticked.

Next a long press on BT now switches off both BT  and  TV.

Only need to do this once to set up.

Hope this helps

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Re: BT TV Box Pro won't turn off TV

Hi all,

I have the BT Pro remote working fine with my Sony Tv. I suspect the LG is similar to Sony's hopefully this helps. There are actually three types of presses when switching off the BT Pro remote.

1. One short press of BT button on BT Pro remote

Purple indicator on Pro Box flashes once. Pro box switches off. TV stays on.

2. Longer press, release after purple indicator goes off.

Pro Box switches off, TV switches off.

3. Even longer press (keep pressed after purple indicator on Pro Box has gone off)

Pro Box switches off, TV stays on and give the option to Cancel or Restart. (Cancel and Restart are Sony Tv options, nothing to do with the BT Pro Box. It's  the equivalent to holding down the power button on my Sony TV remote when switching off).

I took a while to get gt the hang of how long to hold the remote button down, but I found the purple indicator a good guide when learning. Now I do it quite naturally.