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BT TV & Netgear Orbi 963


My Fibre 900 and BT TV services are being activated tomorrow and I have ordered the Orbi 963 mesh system.

I read some inconclusive posts about the Orbi system working with BT TV, which has a dependency on IGMP/multi cast needing to be enabled in the Orbi system. I believe there is an option in the system to enable this but does anyone have any first hand experience who can confirm BT TV works with Orbi mesh system (preferably the 963 specifically)?



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Re: BT TV & Netgear Orbi 963

I've no first hand knowledge but given that you haven't received any other replies;

"Disable IGMP Proxying. IGMP proxying allows a computer on the local area
network (LAN) to receive the multicast traffic it is interested in from the Internet.
If you do not need this feature, select this check box to disable it"

Orbi Quad-Band Mesh WiFi 6E System Model RBRE960B and RBSE960B User Manual (

From that I see no reason why it shouldn't work as long as IGMP/Multicast is enabled

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Re: BT TV & Netgear Orbi 963

Thanks for the reply. I agree, the setting and the principle of it seems straightforward.

However, I just couldn't get it to work. This seems to be consistent with others. The Orbi system itself is top notch but seemingly can't work with BT's multicast protocol/channels via the internet. There may be a way to tap into the firmware on the Orbi and adjust back end settings etc but that's beyond me and not seen a solution for this.

There was a suggestion on a separate post to use my existing old Asus router (which I can confirm does work with BT's internet channel delivery) as an access point. This was a fair shout but I'd lost my patience with it and returned the Orbi router by then! 

Asus routers and their mesh systems seem to offer a greater degree of configuration and flexibility vs Netgear which is something is noted more broadly.

To this end, I've got an Asus mesh system on its way and I'm confident this will give me the wireless coverage and speed I need, while also supporting BT TV.


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Re: BT TV & Netgear Orbi 963

Not quite the same setup, as I have FTTC but i have scavenged the net to try and get the IPTV to work over the last few days and then came across this: via

and it actually works. I'm not sure if any of it is applicable but it shows you that the Orbi can do it but the modem needs to be in full bridge mode.

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