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Re: BT TV future

@Brucemeister5  Don’t listen to them pub rumours. TNT or whatever looks just as a good on Sky stream on a 2022 LG OLED.

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Re: BT TV future

@Brucemeister5 ahhh we're on VIP with BT and thanks to CPI increases it's over £90 a month. BT offered me £76 to recontract but I've got Sky Stream with full UHD and including paramount for £79 which includes a second puck for multi-room and ad skip. This is basically their full package minus the kids package and I get H2 back 🥰

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Re: BT TV future

@NigelB72  BT’s price increases are a real killer, especially when they sting you twice in a 24 month contract. So they’ve only offered you standard pricing for VIP, that’s not really any incentive to stay is it? I’m going to consider our options very carefully over the coming months to see what works best for us. 

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Re: BT TV future

The thing for me with BT is they are always full of promises. There’s great new features to come.

Why don’t they actually innovate a little and be the first to the seen with something new. 

BTTV getting old in the tooth and so is their WiFI equipment. Local provider been offering FTTP with Eero Pro WiFI 6 routers for years now. 

Maybe one of their developers will be along in a movement and promise all the new features that never seem to come. 

Sky have Disney, Paramount and some Apple with a touch of YouTube and what does BT have something called BritBOX. 


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Re: BT TV future

I've got sky stream down stairs, only got BT in the spare room so that I could record instead of using the playlist.

I haven't got an email but I will look into it and just add a sky puck for multiroom if theres a get out clause. 

I was hoping there would be big changes by now but my patience is getting thin.

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Re: BT TV future

I’ve not received the email. Does it state you can cancel due to AMC leaving? 

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Re: BT TV future

I trust what @NigelB72 has posted about the email he received 100%. However, I’m not clear whether the email that he received was sent after he contacted BT to ask about a reduction in his VIP package or whether it is part of a general email being sent out to all customers to inform them about the situation with AMC.

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Re: BT TV future

@Brucemeister5 it was sent before I contacted them. In fact, it was the email that prompted me to call BT.

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Re: BT TV future

I left BT TB over 18 months ago and when I phone at the time to cancel the woman on the phone could not understand when I wanted to move to getting my TV dirct from on on similar package that I was on with BT. She said I would still be paying g the same prince going with Now direct that if I stayed with BT TV. Plus I can record channels with BT.
I explained to her I was looking to make savings and that going with Now direct is a little cheaper and that Now offer discounts where as BT dont always. Do I cancelled and been direct with Now and on discounts since.

I did at times for a few weeks miss not being about to record the Now channels but now dont miss that at all.

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Re: BT TV future

I tried Now TV first before getting the BT TV.

The TV guide was very slow and I don't have a high tolerance level for that sort of thing, but I believe the app has been updated now to make the guide a bit slicker. 

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