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BT TV without the Smart Hub 2

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Good afternoon.

I have BT Fibre 250 and I am looking at swtiching from Sky Q to BT TV later in the year but have a question about using the service with a non BT router

My Setup is an Openreach Huawei MT992 G.Fast modem connected to a Negear Nighthawk R8000 because the BT smarthub 2 doesnt play well with the rest of my network. 

I read a few years ago that for 3rd party routers to work with (formally) BT Vision, they would need to support VLAN/IPTV passthrough which my netgear router does

I don't know if this has changed since I read this but has anyone had experience with BT TV with a non-BT router because there is no option to use the smart hub in the network

- Gemma

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Re: BT TV without the Smart Hub 2

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There shouldn't too many issues using other kit providing that IGMP Snooping is properly supported by the router. There once was an issue with Netgear modem/routers I think but no idea if it's still a problem.

I know that Asus work well having used both a router (RT-N66U) and dsl modem/router (DSL-AC68U).

Certainly switching over to BT TV should not prove to be too difficult or cause insurmountable problems.

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Re: BT TV without the Smart Hub 2

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Thanks Tim

Thank you for the information. I am pretty tech savy and my router does apparently support IGMP but I'm not past switching it out for another one if needed because I am looking to grab a router with a 2.5Gb wan port and Wifi6 at some point

I've checked my Sky contract and its next year it expires not this year as I originally thought and there is some interesting things on here about BT TV planning to move to full IPTV in the future so at that point, it should be no different to NowTV or Netflix because it will no longer be a hybrid solution

I will keep an eye on developments but certainly, what you have said has eased my concerns

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