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Re: BT pro box update.

@Bluemoon1 I'm still on 4.0.250 / 0.6.152 !   Last check for update was 21/11/22.

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Re: BT pro box update.

@Bluemoon1 looks like you are the same as me. Those version numbers indicate that you are part of the YouView trial of a new interface (Feedback group should say yvurbtboxproux). You should have had an email from the YouView Research team explaining things. I emailed the YouView Research team to ask about the other software versions and this is what they said: 

1. Was the delay in receiving the 4.0.246/0.6.124 and Visual Guide on demand updates because I was scheduled to be in the trial?

 There was a delay for all trialists just down to the way the way the software was deployed.

2. What happens after the trial is finished? Will the updates I am missing be downloaded to my Pro BoX?

You’ll get the missing software after the trial.


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Re: BT pro box update.

@BillyM  That would explain why we are behind then.. Yes I am on the trial for a new feature. Just have to wait and see when it arrives.  

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