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BTTV UHF New LG OLED C2 issues


I have a strange issue. 

I recently purchased an LG OLED C2. However it seems to interfere with the BTTV UHF channels. Testing so far includes:

1. Tried 2 BT UHD boxes

2. Tried changing settings on TV. 
3. Changed HDMI cables.

4. Changed HDMI ports (actually improves slightly on HDMI 4)

5. Have retuned (nearly all channels disappear). Tuned back on old TV ok. 

6. UHF Ariel Works fine direct into the new TV. And both BT boxes on old TV

I see others have had the same issue in 2020 but with no resolution can be found. Is there a setting I am missing? 

Any help is appreciated.



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