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Discovery App

For any one who uses the D+ app on thier BT Box it has moved nearer along on the feature apps.  No longer at the end of the line.. Should still be ahead of some others on there. 

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Re: Discovery App

There is a YouView User Interface Policy which determines why the apps are ordered as they are.  
The policy determines that YouView may reorder the agreed positions  no more than once a year. 
There was a consultation and a reorder last in june 2022 and a further consultation started mid in August  2023 the conclusion of which I believe is what the latest reorder is based upon.  

one interesting aspect of the orderpolicy is that players not currently on the platform but that Youview anticipate  will launch within the next six to twelve months are included in the review  so are given order  positions for when/if they launch. Otherwise a new app that launches that has not been already allocated an order position would be assigned at the end of its category. 


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Re: Discovery App

(Hums a merry tune as he resequences the row of apps on his LG TV to suit his ongoing and flexible requirements, instead of those of a faceless committee who don’t even know me, and wouldn’t/couldn’t arrange things to suit me even if they did).

This is the sort of low-level inflexibility of YouView that is actually more trouble than it’s worth, and probably more trouble than programming in the flexibility that is really needed.

And which dooms YouView to being forever the bridesmaid, and never the bride 😢

*** Longtime YouView box owner, BT Broadband customer, but never a BT TV subscriber ***
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Re: Discovery App

Rather than tabbing along the app line I find it quicker and less key presses to press on the apps button and navigate the four by four display of apps.

On my Chromecast dongle I have removed those apps I don't use such as Netflix and re-arranged those I do in the order I most frequently use them. I have also turned apps only mode on to the get rid of the slew of irrelevant suggestions pushed at me that slow my navigation to the apps list.  A recent change means I still see the latest and "greatest" iPlayer thing which I would love to get rid of too.

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Re: Discovery App

If voice control had been activated/developed for the TV Box Pro then it wouldn’t mater how far down the pecking order the app is. 
If YouView/BT/EE want t people to use the apps on their devices rather than  the TV or other attached devices they really do need to make the access more customer friendly and less cumbersome.