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Entertainment Package Renewal

My TV package was to expire on 14th April, so on Saturday 30th March, I contacted BT, to see what offer they could provide me. I was currently on a discounted package for £6.85 a month.

The advisor, stated that they could renew at the same price for the next 24 months..... 

Come Billing day on 14th April ..... I found that I was charged the full price..... so contacting BT.....  they agreed that they could give me the package for £8.00  , this I agreed to, as they also give me a refund of £13.80  (to make the package equivalent to £6.85 for the first year)  , and a further discount to adjust the billing to what it should have been.  (The original advisor not not renew my contract !!!!)

However, this order is still showing as being opened.... plus preventing me from adding the Apple TV three month trial, or seeing what other offers are out there !

Contacting BT today, via Live Chat and Messenger, both agents are asking me to ring BT order line, so that they can close the order.

I can watch Now TV, Discovery +, and Netflix without problems, and have been assured that the monthly billing for the TV package would be £8 as agreed.

Can one of the BT moderators of this forum, please arrange for the order to be closed.... I don't see why I should ring BT, to do something that the Livechat agents, should be capable of doing.....

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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

After being advised by live chat to give BT a call, I called them today, and was told that they would look into it 


I now find that I no longer gave access to Netflix, if which BT says I need to reactivate it via my account 

I have no option to activate Netflix.

Prior to their 'fix',I was receiving Now TV, Netflix and Discovery+ as normal,just couldn't add Apple TV or amend package due to an open order.

A further call is now required to resolve this .


Should I be offered a good will gesture for the inconvenience caused ... ? or raise thus as a complaint ?






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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

Currently spent almost 30 mins on call with advisor, and still nothing is being resolved.....

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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

@shawny1967 I remember you posting on here about your renewal at the end of last month at the time. I’m sorry to hear that things have become so messy. Did you contact BT by phone on 30th March? If so, the call would have been recorded. I think you’ve been let down there and I hope it gets resolved and you get what you were offered.

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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

I kept copy of the chat transcript from 30th March, and as far as I was aware, my subscription was renewed,... until I received my bill two weeks later....  When contacted tehn on 14th April, they said, it seems that the advisor on 30th March had cancelled the service, not renewed.

This advisor renewed my contract, and because she couldn't give me at the same price agreed, she give me a refund of the difference, and set my monthly billing to be £8.00 a month... equates to what was offered, so happy to accept.

This week, I tried to add the free trail of Apple TV,... only to find that the order was still opened, so any other changes could not be applied.  

Call today, and the advisor, said it was something to do with the Netflix, and they removed it, for me to re-add - This I don't have the option, thus spent 30+ mins on call, just to get nowhere !

Now currently trying again, to have my Netflix returned ! 

Subscriptions to Now TV, Discovery+ and Netflix were all working this morning - now I don't have Netflix, and it appears that no-one at BT knows how to rectify the problem, by the number of advisors I been passed to.....

It shouldn't be that difficult ..... If there was a problem with the streaming accounts, then I wouldn't be able to watch...

Hopefully it will be rectified, soon - 15mins already on hold..... they close the lines at 9:00pm !





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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

Spent over three hours tonight trying to get Netflix back.   Online agent says order was just for Now TV and not Netflix.......  Have requested that complaint is raised, and that its rectified within 24 hrs.

Is it really that difficult !  Problem was the order wasn't closed, preventing me from adding anything or checking what offers are available.....

Any Mods available to assist ?

free netflix.jpg

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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

Another call session this morning and still no access to Netflix ...

And now I find that my broadband/landline contract has been extended for a further two years. This wasn't agreed and it looks like my monthly TV has reverted to full price rather than agreed contract that I could access Now TV, Discovery+ and Netflix basic before BT support messed around with my account 

If it not rectified tonight when I get home,I will be asking BT to stop all charges until it is rectified. 

They have had enough time to sort this out 

Any mods able to assist ? 






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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

This is getting worse....

was told to activate via BT box.... and it was asking for payment card....  so checked out Netflix help page, and is states.

netflix setup.jpg

So I created a new account, and linked it to my BT account - However, it seems to suggest that I'm going to be charged £17.99 a month, so I cancelled this subscription, and contacted BT via live chat.

They say , the order has gone through and I need to ring BT.... Again !

When queried about the order that went through 14th April, they said that doesn't include Netflix, thus the reason why it was removed !

I clearly should have Netflix Basic, so why was it removed, why is it so difficult for it to be rectified...

BT BAsic.jpg

 I've now been advised to speak to the Values Team on 0800 800 150 ( 8 am to 9 pm from Mon-Fri, 8 am to 8 pm on Saturday and 9 am to 6 pm on Sunday).

As it appears BT has failed to with-hold the Contract, I assume I can cancel my services without penalty, and get my package elsewhere.



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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

@NeilO   are you able to assist, with the mess that BT support has done, and can't seem to rectify ?

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Re: Entertainment Package Renewal

Hi @shawny1967 I'm so sorry about the problems experienced, I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch but it will take us a few days to get back to you as we're working through a busy queue at the moment.



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