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Error Code BTP-16500


Hoping someone from BT can help me.

I have had an ongoing issue with my TV subscriptions, since around 20th June and still no resolution.

I've had BT TV with HD/4K and Extra box for years. In March, BT wanted to change my boxes to a Mini box and a Pro Box. No problem. Then in June 23, BT changed/updated my contract and since then we have had issues. I have tried various things and had numerous calls. All of the subscription channels are working on both boxes but for some reason I am getting an error code on the boxes when trying to watch BT Sport Ultimate channel. I've been told the boxes aren't showing on the BT systems and the assets are wrong. I have been told D&I and other technical teams need to reset everything, but nothing has been done and now nearly 2 months on!

Also, since yesterday (20/8/23) I now also cannot watch any normal channels like BBC1 HD on the Pro Box and I am getting an error code BTP-16500. 

Can anyone at BT help me please as i'm paying for this service 

Can somebody please look into this for me please before I cancel everything and move to Sky TV? Thanks. 

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Re: Error Code BTP-16500

Hi @danmun welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry to see you've been experiencing issues with your BT service after changing boxes. The error code indicates a problem with the extra box subscription. As you've mentioned the helpdesks have advised there are system issues and DI (data integrity) problems I think it would be best if we took a look at this for you. 

I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can get in touch with your details.



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