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Re: Faulty Box

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Good afternoon Gareth, the engineer, Hungarian, arrived a bit late, but listened,
he worked for a subcontractor, I didn't catch the name of the company, but he
did have ID etc.

After much deliberation and trying all that I had tried previously, he went and
brought in a new box, went through the set-up procedure, after which the black
bands were still there, this threw both of us, I suggested trying another HDMI
socket on the TV, this cured it and the picture was fine,he didn't know what to
do about the new box, so he called his supervisor, who advised him to bring the
box out and to advise me to keep my eye on the recording anomalies, if the same
issues arise, just to call BT and they will probably send a new box by post.

I think that as they are subbies, they don't want to use their own stock, as they
need to buy them at a premium, or maybe just to reserve them for a really obvious
fault, anyway I don't mind, my picture is restored, I have to start with the recording
again, but I lost the Smithsonian ones, the channel has gone.

Thanks again for your support.


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Re: Faulty Box

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Glad it got sorted finally Mike! Guess either a pin (or pins) wasn’t making full contact in the original socket, or the socket had gone faulty. 

I don’t know what the contract conditions are for ‘home help’ contractors (as opposed to Openreach Contractors) or whether they are supplied with boxes (I doubt they have to pay for them)  but can understand their reasoning. Yes the Smithsonian channel on Freeview closed in January this year, but it is still available (or bits of it at least) over streaming. Have a read here

Happy (full screen) viewing again!


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