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Looks like I am also getting the dreaded IPC6023 error that indicates multicast is not reaching my box and it cannot stream TV.

All other services, both on the box which is connected via cable, and other devices over Wi-fi work very well. 
Looks like there is a solve though?

One difference in my setup, and haven’t seen anyone else mention having done the same in the posts I have seen, is that I have ditched the “Smart” Hub and instead configured my Asus router to connect directly to BT Full Fibre services.

(It was necessary to improve the signal in the house and just plugging in another router in the “Smart” Hub is not a solve as I was getting a double NAT issue with my network. And one cannot just turn off the wi-fi in the “Smart” Hub on residential units, only commercial ones. Not very smart.)

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Re: IPC6023

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Welcome to this user forum for BT Residential phone and broadband customers.

Its possible your ASUS router cannot support multicast. If you search the forum for the router model, you may be able to alter some settings.

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Re: IPC6023

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Not here, but found a solve on the Asus FAQ. 
Turns out multicast routing is disabled by default on this router. 

For the benefit of anyone else who might struggle with the same issue:

In your router settings go to LAN and select the IPTV tab at the top. Then find Multicast routing and select “enable”.