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Mind Blowingly Bad

Good Afternoon

Just phoned BT to ask about upgrading our multiroom box to the new version and was told there is no new box available and there is no plans.

I have pointed them to a website associated with them where there is information about a wifi multiroom box that requires no aerial.

Asked to then speak to a manager who the call operator said I could not because she as spoken to them and there is no new multiroom box available.

I called BT on this number 0800 800150. If this is not BTs phone number and if the above web site does not exist then I have just had my mind blown.

I was told that I was factually incorrect and that there is no new multiroom box available or any attention. Apparently from the managers mouth to the call operator.

My goodness BT you are close to useless and I have pretty much been called a lyer.

I know this is just a forum for customers but members of staff to pop up from time to time.

Thanks and good day.

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Re: Mind Blowingly Bad

@jas20001978 I'm really sorry about that. I've sent you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team if you need any help getting this sorted, we can also provide feedback to the person you were speaking with earlier.


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Re: Mind Blowingly Bad

If anybody could help me with this aswell as the same happened today. Luke the guy i spoke to very helpful i must say but he had no idea about the mini box and said it wasnt giving him the option on the screen even the manager couldnt sort it . So they said sorry no option so we cant upgrade you. WHY advertise it if we cannot get it yet
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Re: Mind Blowingly Bad

Hi @Deano123,

Thank you for posting. I've dropped you a reply on your thread - Here 



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