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Moving to EE - Apple TV 4K & EE TV Box Pro

I currently have TV and Broadband provided by BT using BT branded equipment and am thinking of moving over to EE for both so that I can utilise Multi Room TV for no extra cost.  I'm Assuming I'll have to return my Router and BT TV Box Pro and EE branded equipment will be provided.

I am also interested in the Apple TV 4K as it sounds like a good solution as it doesn't use Multicast but I was wondering if it's possible to have both an EE TV Box Pro and an Apple TV 4K at the same time ideally both provided by EE or would it work if purchased the EE TV Box Pro online separately.

It’s a shame as I read on the forum that using the EE App on your own Apple TV will work at the moment but it's not supposed to work and as a result this functionality may be removed at some point which is a shame.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Moving to EE - Apple TV 4K & EE TV Box Pro

You can only order an Apple TV or TV Box Pro - not both.

Please note that the TV Box Pro has never been for sale, so any box you purchase could be classed as "stolen".  It'll still work though.  You'd need to make sure you still ordered multi-room (meaning a TV Box Mini would be sent to you), to add the relevant subscription to your account.

You won't necessarily be required to send equipment back.  If your BT branded hub and TV Box are still suitable for the subscription you take out, then they won't be swapped.

The EE TV app was fixed a few weeks ago to restrict it just to the reduced experience - this is a contractual requirement from our content partners.

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Re: Moving to EE - Apple TV 4K & EE TV Box Pro

Curious to know why you think no multicast is better? 

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Re: Moving to EE - Apple TV 4K & EE TV Box Pro

I have 2 Internet connections one from BT and another Gigabyte connection.  I have one router setup for both connections but my BT link has to be the Primary because it requires Multicast.  If I didn’t need multi cast I could have my gigabyte connection as my primary.

There are also lots of posts here where people what to use routers that don’t support Multi Cast and they can’t.

Having Multicast on my home network saves me nothing as the streams don’t take up much bandwidth.  I understand that BT wants to saves the bandwidth on their network which is why they are looking at other technologies like MAUD multicast.

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Re: Moving to EE - Apple TV 4K & EE TV Box Pro

Just to be clear: the Apple TV box would still need to be connected to the EE broadband. EE TV won't work on any other connection.