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Netflix signing in problems

We used to have the basic recordable BT package,and on this system,we had access to Netflix we could watch on the person’s netflix account which they paid as that person lives with us,but has their television upstairs where they watch netflix.  We just used to sign in on their Netflix on our tv downstairs and had no problems signing in when asked to watch netflix through her subscription.

BEFORE we decided to sign up to digital basic BT recordable package,we had problems with our bt recordable basic box,and twice we called out the engineer to fix it.  We decided after it didn’t work for a third time to wait 7 LONG days to wait for the new digital system to be set up by the engineer,and for these 7 LONG days we didn’t have the recordable box working - but we hoped therefore,hopefully,we would have no more problems,which eventually,the box recordable did work once the engineer installed the digital system BUT we now have problems signing in with Netflix under the relative’s email and password under the new bt digital package that we USED to be able to do with no problems beforehand.  

Since the BT basic recordable digital package has been installed,I have tried to log into my relative’s email and password account details for netflix and BT are not recognising it.  Instead,it goes to a page saying we have to pay extra for it(or my relative who lives with us -  not sure which yet as we have to wait and see with the relative’s next netflix bill to see if SHE has been charged extra or us….)

My question is this…I did NOT want netflix on the basic package in the first place - why should we have 2 different accounts in the same household for the same service - but bt put you right through to a page saying pay up or else when I enter the email and password of the relative who already has an account with netflix - which is daft when we already are having bt netflix in with our digital package in the first place.

Is there anything I can do to get out of this problem?  Ironically,I didn’t want netflix in the first place with my basic package - not when I already could watch netflix without bt interference on my relative’s netflix package.  

Any help would be appreciated.  





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