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New BT Box connection issues

Recently took out a new contract with BT and they sent me a host of new equipment - including a Smart Hub 2, WiFi disc and a BT Box.
Setting it all up this morning. Hub working fine - devices all connected up via wireless and a PS5 via a wired connection and all working fine.
However, I am having issues getting the BT BOX set up. Tried wireless first of all and it was hopeless - signal kept dropping out every 30 seconds making it unwatchable. So I have tried an ethernet cable and it is not picking it up at all - there is a green light on the ethernet port on the back of the box as well as a flashing orange so the connection seems OK.

On the hub manager however it says no device connected on Port 1 where the cable is plugged into.

I have tried resetting the hub and the TV box but it still won't connect through the wired connection. 
I tried boosting the wireless connection using the disc I was sent but that made no difference at all.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated 


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Re: New BT Box connection issues

WiFi disc now says there is Excellent connection to TV box but says link rate is 0 Mbps?
But now I can't even get any sort of wireless connection - on the TV it says 'your box is connected to the router and the Internet ' but then literally seconds later it will lose the connection then get it back but then lose it again!!!
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