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New progress bar is inferior

Yesterday my BT TV Box Pro had a new progress bar for recordings I have made. For some reason, it has been made much more inferior to what it previously was. A couple of issues I have;

1. I could previously press and hold fast forward to skip 60 seconds or press and hold rewind to return 15 seconds. This is no longer working. Has this been implemented by design or is it an issue that has happened as a result of the update?

2. When fast forwarding, it doesn't show any timings on the recording anymore, nor does it show how long is left in the programme. It just shows the speed of the fast forwarding. Again, is this on purpose or a mistake in the update.

Please BT, bring back the previous features!

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

I totally agree with you, the old progress bar was much better.

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

The 60 ecs skip etc just worked on mine. Also yes the bar doesn't show time when fast forwarding but it's hardly the end of the world imo

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

And a long press of ok button in bbc1 won't restart the programme in iplayer. Why have these features been downgraded pleas?

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

@dephead2004 When watching a BBC channel does pressing the green button on your remote invoke a live restart of the programme within BBC iPlayer ?

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

No idea why it’s changed. Perhaps to be consistent with other Apps not just recordings?  Dunno.

But  you can select the restart option (for iPlayer) from the play bar, by pressing OK and then the down and right cursor buttons to select the Start Again option.

Also not sure if you’re aware, but if you’re playing back a recording  (not iPlayer) you can jump forward by pressing the numeric keypad buttons. 1 jumps 10% of the total time from the start, 2 20% etc…  0 jumps back to the start. So the numeric pad and skip options together seems to make it a bit easier to move through content. 

Saying that, it’s very annoying
 that they’ve removed the dedicated index and delete  buttons from the Pro’s remote!

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

@zulu17  yes it does. That's a really great tip thanks.

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

@pddco . I knew about the press 5 for 50% jump etc but not the ok/ down/right right . So thanks. Not quite as convenient as the big square box saying press ok to restart in iplayer but a good workaround.

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Re: New progress bar is inferior

@garybs29 - I've tried on several recordings from different channels and the 60s skipping will not work whatsoever for me.

And correct, it isn't the end of the world, but it is a feature that was useful and this appeared the correct forum to voice it and ask for it back..?
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Re: New progress bar is inferior

@pddco - I wasn't aware of the numeric options. Thanks for letting me know about those.
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