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No subscription channels

New BT package activated on 25 Feb.

Despite numerous phone calls, engineer visits, hub & pro box resets, I haven't been able to receive any subscription channels on my tv screen.

I've complained, had various apologies , fault references etc but still no subscription channels.

Latest update from TMC reports a 'configuration' problem which they hope to fix by 25 March. I'm not confident.

Has anyone ever had this problem? If so, was it resolved?

My broadband/ Wifi's  working ok with expected speeds & I can get BT Sport on my iphone but no channels from 313 onwards.

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Re: No subscription channels

Do you get any on-screen messages telling you that the channel needs to be setup? if so press OK on the handset and it will sort itself out

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Re: No subscription channels

On screen message for all subscription channels is error code IPC6023. Rebooting pro box & hub doesn't do anything, speed & equipment has been checked several times, still no joy. Problem is with Technical Dept now.
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Re: No subscription channels

I should have guessed, that's probably the most common error of the lot.

Are you on FTTP? If so you should switch the ONT (the white box that the fibre terminates in) off at the mains and disconnect any battery back up for around 30 seconds.

If that doesn't do it then replace any powerline converters connected to the TV box with a cable.

If that still doesn't do the job then enter IPC6023 in the search bar above, you'll get loads of results