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Recording TV Programmes

It is totally frustrating that often, when recording a TV program, the recording stops a few minutes before the programme has ended. This is a regular occurrence, and this for normal programmes, not for programmes like sports events which can run over their allotted time.  Why does the BT box do this, I've never had this with other providers ? I've seen other posts relating to this with no sensible response from BT, nor, it would seem, have they done anything about it.

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Re: Recording TV Programmes


This is because the box relies on something ironically called “Accurate Recording”, a signal sent by the broadcaster to say a programme is starting or stopping, which the box uses to determine when to start or stop recording.

Sadly some broadcasters are worse than others at this. 

BT/EE say this is a broadcaster issue and refuse to take responsibility, even though you are paying them to deliver a TV service.

Other than recording more programmes than you want to just in case it misses the end, there isn’t much you can do currently. 

I should add that I suspect the lack of motivation to fix it might come down to the dwindling numbers actually using a PVR and the move to on demand viewing via catch up apps.

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Re: Recording TV Programmes

Thanks for your response. In some cases, especially ITV, I sometimes record because I can't catch the start of the programme, I then watch the programme from the beginning as the rest is recorded, otherwise the programmes are often not on ITVX until after the finish time ☹️ BBC much better, as you can press the green button to start from the beginning.