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Sony Bravia not switching off - BT TV Pro box


I've read the other threads on this topic (long press etc) but not of them seem to help.

When I do a long press on the power button on the BT TV Pro remote, the TV box turns off but not the TV. My impression is that it's the TV end causing the issue so was wondering if anyone else had seen this with a Bravia Android TV KD-65XH8196.

My vague feeling is that the problem may be at the CCTV end as it looks like the TV does turn off, then back on again and finds no signal on the HDML so gives a message. There also seems to be an issue linking the TV to the TV box where when it gets as far as the screen to press the Prog Up button and asks for the TV remote to be pointed at the BT box and the "prog up" button pressed, nothing happens.

Whether it's relevant or not, who knows but both TV & BT box are Bluetooth remotes.

The same thing also happens on a friend's TV which is pretty much the same age, make & model of Sony TV


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Re: Sony Bravia not switching off - BT TV Pro box

Have you setup Bravia Sync?

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Re: Sony Bravia not switching off - BT TV Pro box

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, Bravia Sync is set up - the BT box is showing in the list of devices and when I press Enable it comes up with a notification something like "an [enable] notification has been sent to the device"


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