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TV Freeview Channels

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Hi There. I have just ordered BT TV. As I understand it the advisor told me that it is a hybrid system that uses a mixture of Freeview and internet streamed channels for subscriptions. 

Does this allow for the recording of internet streamed channels. The ones I am concerned mainly about is BT sport and Eurosport.

Also we live in an area with great FTTP and 5G but very limited Freeview. We basically receive a cut down version of freeview. I believe it is a relay transmitter or something similar.

A friend of mine works for openreach and as good contacts within BT and as told me that soon you will be able to stream all Freeview Channels and not need a aerial connection at all. He said it should be live soon. So could be next week could be a few months.

Just wondering if anyone as had this confirmed from BT. My friend is quite high in the chain at openreach and is not the sort that would say something if they did not believe it to have some truth.






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Re: TV Freeview Channels

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Hi @jas20001978 

Yes, you can record internet-streamed channels. I find the feature useful as I can watch games later on (while avoiding the score). The only thing to watch out for is that if schedules and the EPG changes it can mess up your recordings.

On your second question about Freeview via Internet, see this thread:


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Re: TV Freeview Channels

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Nice, thanks for the info.


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