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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

@biohazardx9 The firestick that's about 8" from the bt box has absolutely no issue at all streaming IP TV at high bitrates nor Netflix or Prime in UHD.

A speedtest of the WiFi at the box shows around 500Mbps on various devices.


It's not a network issue, it's a poor hardware issue and not "just how technology works"


You also can't split the band's on the smart hub 2

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Re: Truly Fed Up with BT Pro!!!

While it may not be a network issue for other devices in the vicinity, the Pro Box does seem to be incredibly intolerant or any changes. I've had all manner of issues with the network on mine & the implementation seems very poor indeed.

Mine is now plugged into a mesh box on my network & is largely devoid of the myriad issues reported across the forums. But just the other day I happened to turn the Pro Box on while the mesh box was off, so no network. Did it complain of no network? No. Did it ask me to reconfigure the network? No. All it did was boot to the default Freeview channel & then lock up. No EPG, no menu, couldn't change channel or even turn it off with the remote.

I have numerous networked devices in my AV setup & all of them can happily be switched between ethernet & WiFi. Only the Pro Box refuses a WiFi connection unless you physically unplug the ethernet cable! All of them see & promptly connect to my WiFi whereas the Pro Box will apparently not see the higher channels on 5GHz. Even if it sees an SSID it generally won't connect without a factory reset first.

So as previously suggested, I would try a factory reset (keeping recordings) & then a direct ethernet connection, if only as a temporary measure to see if it makes an improvement. Long ethernet cables are heap on Ebay or Amazon.

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