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Viewing and recording BT Sport - BT Youview Box or other device

I'm leaving Virgin Media, having had BT Sport, including UHD and ability to record, on a V6 box, with them.

I still have a BT YouView + UHD box (G5) from when I was with BT.  That could of course get BT Sport, and record, using multicast on BT Broadband.

I've not yet chosen our new broadband supplier, but it will most likely be on fibre to the premises via City Fibre - we cannot have BT Fibre at this house (ADSL only).  I may buy a BT Sport digital pass each month.

Question is - does the BT YouView box have a BT Sport app available?  I can't see one as yet.  The other apps such as Prime and BBC iPlayer still work of course, regardless of broadband provider.

I can use the BT Sport app on our Samsung TV - but I don't suppose it will record, even with a HDD attached.  Issue is, I guess, there needs to be an EPG....

Otherwise - are past games available as 'catch up' in the BT Sport app ?  So I can, for example, watch a rugby match a few days later, in 4K?  I use that functionality in Amazon Prime Video.




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