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YouView Remote Pairing to my Panasonic TV without HDMI Connection?

I understand I might be a niche use case here, but I have purchased the BT YouView Pro remote x2 for my Shield TV media players. One of my players is connected to a 2020 LG TV, when holding Home + 7 Keypad after a few seconds, once I pressed the volume buttons the remote was automatically linked to the TV. This is without paring the remote to the Shield TV player (via bluetooth), which goes against a lot of what I've read here being that it uses the HDMI connection to understand what TV it is.

Now on my second TV (2010 Panasonic), it doesn't work as smoothly, I haven't been able to pair the remote to the TV using Home + 7 or Home + 9 keypad combinations. I've also tried once the remote is paired with the Shield TV and the player connected via HDMI CEC to the tv but without any success.

Could someone help me troubleshoot or figure out why one remote has worked but the other hasn't? I understand the new remotes don't accept codes, which would have been much easier to achieve what I'm trying to do.

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