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Youview box is not working tried resetting...

I've had the odd issue where rebooting the box has worked on this occasion it hasn't. I was watching recordings yesterday and was worked a programme on catch up earlier but now it's not working. It get stuck saying it waking up then youview loading... but nothing happens I just get a black screen and no longer have any channels.

I have tried going into maintenance mode and I have tried both reset keep recordings and reset delete recordings neither worked just got a message saying this failed. It was fine earlier today why would it suddenly just give up?

So is my box screwed? If so how do I go about ordering a new one?



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Re: Youview box is not working tried resetting...

I left the box off overnight tried again this morning and it did load up eventually had sports channels on briefly maybe 15 mins or so and it cut out so switched back to BBC for a bit and tried again nothing I got a message saying there is a issue with broadband. I went into settings > wired connection it failed to pick up a connection which is weird always been connected via ethernet. 

I looked up the code online (YVM102) and it said reboot the router and then restart the box (at this point I could get the standard channels but no subscription channels on the box) however doing this it now fails to box up again and I have no channels whatsoever. It gets the youview loading screen and then nothing turns itself off and goes back to bt waking up screen and repeat. 

The broadband seems fine as I can connect to it through wifi and my PC is ethernet and it works fine as does my PS3 which is also connected via ethernet. I have tried switching the ethernet to the box and but nothing.

How do I get a new box? because this is beyond frustrating and I've tried everything I can find online and nothing has worked so I think the HDD is dead....


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