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Archived email disappeared

Hi, I just moved an e mail from sent folder to archive folder, but now I can’t find it anywhere. In my list of folders I dont have an archive folder, so where’s it gone?  I looked on the iPad email and also logged on to the BT email internet but can’t find it.  
can anyone help please?


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Re: Archived email disappeared

There is no "Archive" folder in the "Main" folders with BTMail webmail. 

If you check in your "My Folders" in the left hand column of BTMail you may have a folder called "Saved" . Your email may be in there. There may also be an "Archive" folder if your email app has one if the app has been set up as an IMAP account.

It could also be that if your email app has the "Archive" folder it may be that it is only on one device because you have set the email app up as a POP3 account and as such it will not synchronise with the BT servers and will not show on BTMail webmail or other devices.  


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