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Email not working, email address not recognised, now asking for password but correct password not

Some years ago I had a BT account but left due to bad coverage. I retained and still used my bt email address. Last year I started a contract for 2 years for Tv & Broadband.

I could not use my bt email for my BT id as it had been assigned to an old account. I therefore used my Outlook as Bt id and my old email address for yep, my email. All was fine until quite a few weeks ago when it became difficult to sign into my BT Webmail, as I wanted to view older emails than retained on the phone app. BT were contacted, told me there was a glitch but it would be sorted. They definitely sorted it as several weeks passed and I could not get into my Webmail at all. I was either told my email was incorrect ( it was not as checked with password manager) so I thought I would play the game and asked for a password reset, then the games began either I was 'Temporarily locked out of my account for 20 mins' , PS that 20 minutes lasted for 4 days ! Or I could get as far as putting in my date of birth etc but failed at the next step as I apparently I got my mothers maiden name wrong !!! So BT called again, don't worry I was told it will be sorted in 72 hours,  5 days later it got worse, nothing would load and to rub salt into it, I was then told my bt email address I had been using for years was not recognised ! BT called again apparently issue would be forwarded to the offline team but I would receive an update the next day by phone. Only I didn't. At least I could still receive BT email's on my Phone app, only then I could not, apparently my password was incorrect, please go to beginning of thread for what followed. So another call to BT Guide, another promised phone call, another evening passed no phone call.  Finally today called again, again the complaint has been forwarded to the offline the wait goes on. Oh did I mention that my wedding is in 30 days time, all details are on yep my BT email so no stress at all !!

Anyone else had such appalling issues with more appalling outcomes of promised calls not received, email working for years then not working and endless hours of reading pins sent to my phone to pass security to be told I would be called back...luckily I am not paying for this...oh but I am aren't I !!

Any advice, anyone else lucky enough to have this happen to them ?

Thank you for any advice forthcoming ( I cannot leave BT for another year, as that was my first thought) 

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