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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Random cursor still finding its own line regardless of text typed  is still a bug a very annoying bug , how long before its  fixed.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

I've finally been transferred to the new email system today and it's horrendous. 

I came across this forum and can see that many people have been having similar problems for months. 


I'm using Chrome 125.0.6422.112 on a Samsung tablet. 

And the email version is MX 3.5.0


The main problem is how difficult it is to type an email now.

Normally you only have to type a couple of letters and then select the word you want from the options at the top of the keyboard. But this no longer works. The first letter doesn't register so then it gives options starting with your 2nd letter.

So if you're typing 'Horrible' The H won't give you any options and after the O you get various words starting with O.

On the odd occasion that you do get the right word come up, you select it and it will appear without the final letter.

Or will repeat the first letter twice.

And it's so slow and glitchy, with the cursor so difficult to control.

I'm a quick typer so this is hell. I've been typing elsewhere and pasting into the email today. 

I've tried with and without rich text. 

How long will this go on for?


Also, is there any way of turning off the feature that shows the first sentence of each email? 

I play various word games with someone and don't open their emails until I've completed the game first.

Today I'm seeing spoilers in the email list!


Also, I can’t change the preview pane - it sticks on 'right' whatever I click.

And what's with those annoying boxes at the bottom, when trying to compose an email? Little glimpses of other emails. 


If anyone has any ideas - particularly with the first problem where it's impossible to type out an email anymore - I'd be very grateful. 




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Has anyone else's email appearance changed overnight.  I now have coloured letters next to the incoming email.  I hate it!

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Re: Email


You can turn off the "coloured" squares by going into the settings found by clicking on your username at the top right then click on settings then Mail in the left hand column then untick the box "show avatar in the message list".

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e mail problems

What the hell have BT done now, the new e-mai is an abomination. The screen is now too large for my laptop, took me ages of faffing about to get it to fit. When i try to scroll down and click on a message to delete it, 9 times out of 10 it opens the blasted e-mail. so you have to start over again, as it clears all the delete ticks.  I now have a smaller font than i  need, as that was the only way i could get the screen to fit.  The colour are way too pale. Scrolling down it jumps and doesn't scroll smoothly. Why do i  now get stupid coloured squares,  with random letters of the alphabet, in messages i don't want to delete, but read later after weeding out all the rubbish, which is proving to be a pain in the backside. as previously stated. Why can't BT leave things alone, IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT". The new e-mail is a total travesty, a five minute job, to delete extraneous e-mails before going back to read the ones i need to, out of 300, has take me an hour, and all i have managed to do is delete 20, i could be here all night at thus rate what a farce. I tried to raise a complaint, but surprise surprise, there is an error with Complaints to BT. so i couldn't raise one. I am fuming


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Re: Email

Yes I had the same, oddly only on one of 3 BT email accounts.

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Reminder mails - see post 240

Further to post 240, I received the following reminderrs today 30th May

  • single reminder mails for 2 events set-up after account migration (no problems here)
  • duplicated reminder mails for an event set-up before migration (only one was needed really)
  • single reminder for an event set-up before migration but deleted after migration (first time this has happened, the event previously generated duplicated reminders, now it has produced a single ghost reminder, but that is the behaviour I was expecting)


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New email system: Editing bug report

Windows 11 Microsoft Edge, No customisations or addons

When editing an email, either a completely fresh one, or one with a conversation tail, the cursor periodically resets to the beginning of the message and does not return to the current typing position. I have not taken any notes of the periodicity of this bug, but it seems to happen around once every minute or two. Highly inconvenient.

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Re: New email system: Editing bug report

It happens when the draft 'report so far' is auto-saved by the BT system. Observationally, it appears to happen most intrusively when:

  • You have a relatively slow internet connection, by modern standards
  • The email being drafted is relatively complex, e.g. if you include screenshots in your bug report.

You can tone it down a bit, by increasing the interval between autosaves, but I don't think anyone has eliminated it completely yet.

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Re: New email system: Editing bug report

...and if it's a relatively complex email, slowing autosave is counterproductive/risky