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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Totally agree. They have obviously not used experienced programmers or tested the system. Elementary and very unprofessional. But par for BT these days. 'Don't fix if it is not broken' is always a useful maxim.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


If you had read one of my previous posts you would have seen

"And in answer to question about going back to webmail if you don'like using an email client the answer is yes. You do not have to choose one or the other. You can have and use both even on the same device. They are just different ways of accessing your email"

This obviously includes using webmail if you are away from your own device and using some one elses device.

I never at anytime suggested or advocated installing an email client on someone elses device in order to access your email. 

I however would probably use my phone or tablet rather than use some other persons device which for all you know could have a key logger installed or other malware which could compromise your log on details.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Sorry me again.

Can I just confirm then if I don't sign in the BT website for email but instead use Apple mail on my iMac then this system should run trouble free of the glitches. i.e Not using website but an email client site? As stated before not overly tech savvy and just want to be able to view and respond to emails without all the cursor, text, read or unread being identified and whatever else is happening.

More than happy to use Apple mail until such time the product is corrected and fit for purpose on BT. Did not realise there would be a difference.

If I am correct thank you for the advices.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


Yes you are correct. You will need to set it up by entering your email address and password.

Just follow the prompts.

If you need any further settings they are in this link.


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

I had thought that it was a school kid doing this upgrade as part of a work experience exercise

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


You are a bit late to the party. That one has already been posted along with many more "jokes" about it.

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Reminder mails - see post 247

Update to post 247

The recurring event that was created pre-migration which was generating two reminder mails produced one reminder on the correct date, although the event itself had already been deleted, then produced nothing when the next reminder would have been due. This looks like a success.

The recurring event that was created post-migration which produced one reminder on its first due date then produced two reminders on its second. This doesn't look like a success. 

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Re: Reminder mails - see post 247

So.... getting loads of spam today although it is going into the spam folder. I just wish it was possible to 'block sender' & delete without the email opening.  Also, webmail has suddenly decided to keep logging me out - until today, as long as I had my browser open, it kept me logged in.  Is it my imagination, or are things getting steadily worse, and nothing is getting better?!!

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Re: Reminder mails - see post 247


If the emails are going into your Spam folder it means that the Spam filters are working on them but have been unable to say 100% if it is spam or a genuine email and as such place it into your Spam folder to let you decide.

You do not need to open an email to block the email address or domain, although if it is spam it is virtually a waste of time doing that because the email address will probably be spoofed and the spammer uses hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of spoofed email addresses daily. They also set up and use "disposable" domains as well as genuine domains.

Be-aware that a spoofed email address can be sent from a genuine domain such as Google and if you block that domain all emails from the Google domain will be blocked.

If you do want to block the email address without opening it simply select the errant email by placing a tick in the box on the left side of the email in the list. To do this DO NOT double click, just single click.

Once selected go to the "More" button in the menu bar and then drop down to "Block Sender" or Block Domain" or "Mark as Spam" and select one of the three options offered.

Unfortunately this method is greyed out if multiple options emails are selected at the same time.

You can check the emails source by selecting it then going to the "More" button and selecting the "View Source" option. This will let you see where the email originated from and its genuine email address and domain.

Email spoofing - Wikipedia

Email spoofing: how attackers impersonate legitimate senders | Securelist


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Re: Reminder mails - see post 247

@gg30340 Many thanks for the explanations, much appreciated. Yes, I accidentally learned ages ago to block sender not domain, as I wondered why I wasn't getting any emails from any gmail addresses! Thanks again.

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