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Cannot delete emails from Trash

I don't think I've seen this problem reported before.

I cannot delete emails from the Trash folder (in the way that I want to delete them).

My Trash folder does not get cleared automatically (some do, some don't).

Therefore, as an example, to delete all my Calendar reminder emails I'll bring up the Trash folder on screen, search for "Reminder" then click the box next to the "Reply/Forward" icon to select them. 

When I click "Delete" in the actions bar  and confirm I want them permanently deleted, they disappear from the screen display. 

When I search "Reminder" again, they reappear. They persist even if I log out and log back in or close the browser. 

I could probably delete them using the "Empty trash folder" icon, but that's not the point; there's a facility to delete selected emails that should work but apparently doesn't. 




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Re: Cannot delete emails from Trash


It would appear that when you delete it through the search, it does not actually get deleted. The select box for the email is still there and so are the boxes such as the "From, subject date etc but there is no text in the boxes, they are just slightly greyed out.

If you try to tick the select box it brings up a "Wait trying to reload" but it never does.

Moving to the Trash folder then allows the  same email can be deleted with out problem.

I will notify the moderators to pass this on to the Email Team as yet another issue to be sorted.


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Re: Cannot delete emails from Trash

Hi @PeterE17 and @gg30340,

Thank you for flagging that issue. I've highlighted this to the email team.



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Re: Cannot delete emails from Trash

@PaddyB Thanks, here's hoping.  I'm glad that @gg30340 spotted the empty greyed out tickboxes and contents locations; they just didn't register with me, there was too much steam coming out of my ears so I couldn't see them. 

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Re: Are you unhappy with the new version of email on PC or is it just me?


On the webmail (PC) I just had a fun time seeing my font randomly change and having the cursor jump back to the start of the email (and in a different font).  Writing an email now is like some form of modern torture to be honest. How long can this be allowed to go on please?

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Change to login screen

Is this changed login screen part of the migration? The message in the tab reads "Secure Authentication".

The next screen allows input of password, but there is no "Keep me signed in" option. 

@PaddyB - can you advise please? 

Screenshot 2024-03-11 073958.jpg


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Re: Change to login screen

Seems to be another 'phased rollout'. Checked two machines: one had an active persistent login, the other didn't.

The active one - I logged out manually, then clicked on the 'mail' link on the BT home page. It took me straight back in - no chance to switch accounts, no password needed. That shouldn't happen.

The non logged-in one - account name and password on the same page, as before.

The switch to using two separate pages for account ID and password is pretty common these days, so I don't think it's inherently suspicious. But it needs to be done right.

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Re: Change to login screen

I don't want to make 'light' of our current predicament, but are BT going to distribute a box of crayons to us all?

So we can colour in the images in our emails, as they are devoid of colour. 

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Re: Change to login screen

@PeterE17 The Login page has been saying for some time (mine still does) that the login page is going to change

BT login.png

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Re: Change to login screen

@RichardHaselgrove It's the lack of a "Keep me signed in" tickbox that worries me, email sessions will end every time you close the browser and you'll have to sign in again. 

@NeilO Thanks, one might have hoped that the login screen changed with the user's migration to the latest webmail version. But it doesn't say we'll no longer be able to stay signed in. If this is improving security be stealthy means it's going to annoy a lot of people (I would think...). 

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