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BT Webmail folders Samsung S6 Lite

I am unable to see any folders in webmail when using my Samsung S6 Lite tablet.

I have a Samsung A52 mobile and that loads everything.

On the tablet, all I can see are the inbox emails.

The icons along the top are ;  mail, contacts, calender & tasks.

The three dot drop down gives me 3 views (message, attachment, conversation)

The "more" drop down options are all greyed out, but are only for handling specific email functions. 

Under Settings /mail...there is no mention of folders.

I can delete individual emails but I have no Trash folder.

I have no such issues on my  mobile. 

Any thoughts,  please ?


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Re: BT Webmail folders Samsung S6 Lite

To the left of the Heading "Inbox" is there an icon of a number of parallel lines, if so click on that. Does it show your folders etc?

If not:- 

Has this just started?

Which browser are you using?

Have you tried selecting the "desktop" view for the browser in its settings and if it is already selected have you tried using the "mobile" view?

Have you tried a different browser?

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Re: BT Webmail folders Samsung S6 Lite

Hi, thanks for the reply,.


FYI i was on Samsung Internet, so switched to Chome as you suggested and it works fine - so thanks for the heads up.

To answer your qu's in case it should come up again in the Community..

There are no three lines...literally all there is, is a box to tick the emails...

1..Yes it's, just this last week as far as I'm aware.

2.. Samsung Internet 

3..there is no option under Samsing Internet, on the app settings, to choose a view ( mobile/desktop)


And all this is on , as I say, just on the S6 Lite. 


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Re: BT Webmail folders Samsung S6 Lite

It would appear to be a Samsung browser problem. Perhaps an update has caused the issue. If you want to continue using it you could try and uninstall and then reinstall it. 

I generally do not use any of the Samsung apps. I use Edge on my Samsung tablet hence the reply about the icon to select folders. I suspect Chrome will be more or less the same as Edge is Chrome based.


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