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BT email unusable now

OK Beyond a minor irritation now.   This recent situation is about to cost me £1450..

I had some work done and filed the paid invoices in My Folders in the BT App and on the computer.

I have reason to require these documents in a legal matter and had thought I had attached them to documents sent via bt mail a few weeks ago.   I am now being told that the e mails arrived but the attachments were empty.   I sent them 3 times in all from my bt account.  They arrived via Quick Books so I have no hard copies.


I have now received 24 hours to produce these or the case will be dropped.;   When I can get into the service none of my folders or the original e mails are available and both manual and electronic searches are reporting they do not exist.


As is the way, the sender of the invoices is on annual leave until next week so no chance of copies so I am up the proverbial creek without a paddle.   


If I do indeed lose out because of this I will be looking to BT to re-imburse my losses.   There is plenty of evidence on here to back up the shambles that once was an e mail service.


And those loyal defenders of BT who always try and shoot me and others down, don't bother or your responses will be copied into any potential claim.

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