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Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

Just tried Thunderbird - receiving mail OK -but got these 2 messages when I tried to send


1.  Login to server with username failed

2. Sending of the message failed.
Unable to authenticate to Outgoing server (SMTP) Please check the password and verify the 'Authentication method' in 'Account Settings | Outgoing server (SMTP)'.


Outgoing server settings in Thunderbird :

Description : <not specified>

Server Name :

Port : 465

User Name :

Authentication method : Normal password

Connection Security : SSL/TLS


P.S.   @rbz5416  Thanks for the two suggestions but checking IP address and Google DNS but not sure what those mean !

I will try the method I found lurking in the community - disconnecting all my devices (PC + 3 Android ) from BT Mail 

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Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

Just do a web search for "Google DNS on Windows x", with x being your Windows version.

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Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

You could also try disconnecting your hub from line for half an hour or so to trigger a different IP address and see if that works.

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Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

Is this an IMAP v POP3 issue?  I can't see how this could be but worth a check?

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Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

Hot off press 

I realised that my wife's PC also runs Outlook 365 so I tried to add my BT Mail account to Outlook on her PC and it worked and I was able to send emails ( BTW she gets the intermittent 'password popup problem' - i.e. having to repeatedly click on the OK button until the popup stops appearing and the email in the Outbox is sent.

As the two PCs are connected to the same BT router it looks like the problem might be with Outlook on my PC - I did do a repair on it but will now do a full uninstall/reinstall.

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Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again'

That went better than expected!

Although having done the Microsoft 365 repair process earlier in the week ( the full Online Repair) and  getting no resolution to the problem , I thought I woulld repeat it before the full uninstall/install process - and would you believe  it - this time  it seems to have worked.

I have been able to restore my BT Mail account back into Outlook and all my mail folders have been restored - I was able to send mail.

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE from what I did last time is that I used the Mail(Microsoft Outlook) option in Control Panel to add the account NOT the Add Account option under File within Outlook. 

Very curious !

@gspearson @licquorice  @rbz5416 

Thanks for your suggestions 

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Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again'

Glad you got it sorted

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And again Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

This problem has reocurred for another long period - have tried what I did last time but this time no luck in restoring sending from Outlook 365.

However I can send from :

BT Mail app on Android ( Phone + tablet )

BT Web Mail

Classic and 'New' Outlook on PC - free but this has ads! on PC - fiddly

The only place I can't send from is Outlook 365 which is part of Microsoft 365 - this happens on both my Windows PCs. I pay an annual subscription for Microsoft 365.

Outlook 365 is my preferred option because of level of integration with other apps.

Also I have Hotmail and Gmail accounts in my Outlook 365 - I can send from these successfully 

I assume that the network route from Outlook 365 to BT Mail servers is different for the 'native' Outlook so suspect the problem is somewhere betwwen the 365 servers and the BT Mail Servers. As I think I have said before the BT Mail team said they don't have visibility of the BT Mail SMTP servers so cannot do any diagnostsics.

I surely can't be the only person with this problem - I have tried stuff from the Microsft Community area but nothing from there works.

Moderators - any response please?

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Re: And again Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

If your email is working ok when you use webmail it is unlikely that the moderators will be able to do anything to help because BT, while the let you use email clients and supply the server details they do not support, that is offer assistance with email clients.

If the problem is only happening with Outlook 365 it would suggest the problem lies there.

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Re: And again Re: Dreaded Outlook Password popup again

Thanks - however the fact that Outlook 365 works with Gmail and Hotmail addresses but  not BT Mail addresses seems to indicate an interworking problem which I would have expected BT to have some view on.

I would expect at least a courtesy post from the Moderators to indicate if this is not something that they wish to pursue.

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