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Email account blocked - how to unblock?


Hopefully someone on here can help me. My btinternet email account has become blocked, since 03/06 after working fine for years. When trying to log into BT email it says 

Your account has been disabled. Please contact us for help.

I have tried the messaging contact with BT support and after resetting my password multiple times, the issue persists. They referred the issue to the email team, but that doesn't seem to have done anything. After another chat today I was told that I can unblock it myself from -> manage. I already tried this and the email address is listed as "Blocked" and clicking the Options link gives
Due to an issue with your email account, you'll not be able to access your email service. If you're the billing account holder, please contact us
If you are not the billing account holder, please ask the account holder to contact us
Your email address was suspended on 03/06/2024. It will be deleted on 02/08/2024
Does anyone know what else I can do here?
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