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Email sending blocked (possible IP address block) every day.

I have a customer with BT as their provider, with a btinternet address that they use through Outlook (but the same issue happens through other mail programs).

Initially, they found that they were unable to send email, with Outlook popping up a box to enter the password, implying that the password given was incorrect. Upon checking by logging in to webmail it was found to be the correct password.

Suspecting a blocked IP address as I have seen this behaviour before, I advised that they leave their router unplugged overnight to ensure it picked up a new IP address and sure enough, in the morning they were able to send again. 

Then this would happen again after a few days or a week, and the same process was required.

It is now happening every day, without fail. Every night they have to leave the router unplugged, and in the morning  check that the external IP address is changed before being able to send mail. Then it will fail before the end of the day and the process will have to be repeated.

I suspect that the external IP address given to the router is being blocked by BT's email servers each day, but have no idea why, and when I try to talk to BT support about it they have no clue what I'm talking about and will not pass me on to someone who can help, just fobbing me off with the same irrelevant nonsense each time and saying "wait a few days and it will be fixed". Well it's now been months, and it's not fixed, and I can't get any answers as to why it's still happening, and so regularly for this one customer.

Her laptop has been thoroughly virus checked and she doesn't access email on any other device. I have tried replacing the router, but the behaviour remains the same. What's going on? Is she going to have to change her email address away from BT?

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