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Personal domain MX Email Forwarding stopped working


I have my own domain name and use an MX forwarder with a catch all emails addressed to the domain, they forward to my POP mailbox.


This has worked for many years, but seems to have stopped working yesterday. The service I use is I've checked their logs with a support ticket and they can see the emails going through their systems and conclude it must be something at the btinternet side.


I've setup an additional forwarder to another address and this is working fine, but the targeted emails are not arriving.

I've checked the webmail and they are not in spam.

I've checked blocked & safe senders and they are fine.

If I email my address directly the email arrives. suggested I setup DKIM on my domain. Has something changed here for BT in the last couple of days ? I have done as they proposed, about an hour ago, but emails still not being forwarded to BT account.  (online DKIM tools can see the domain DKIM settings so DNS does appear to have propagated)


Any thoughts gratefully received.






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