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Repeated email password reset requests

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Yesterday I received a text to say my email password had been changed. Something I hadn't initiated. Since then I've tried a number of times changing my password and for a short while I'm able to access my mail and then get locked out again. I've deleted Outlook from my phone to prevent it affecting the situation. The only equipment powered with Outlook installed is therefore my laptop. Today the password changed just after midnight while laptop switched off. I changed the password this morning and shortly after accessing my email and logging out of Outlook I received a text that my password had changed so locked out again! Any ideas?

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Re: Repeated email password reset requests

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I can only think your account has been hacked and somebody is changing the password.

The problem is not with Outlook, you cannot change your BT email password via Outlook, you can only change it via webmail or MyBT.

A password change on Outlook is just to match the password you have set on the server via the web, it doesn't change the password on the server.

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Re: Repeated email password reset requests

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Hi @grahamboyle,

I am so sorry to see that this is happening.

You may need to change your security details if someone is potentially accessing your account.

The first thing that I would get you to do, after again changing your password, is to set up two-step authentication.

That will prevent anyone else from being able to change your password. 

I would also recommend checking How can I tell if my email is secure

Thank you


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Re: Repeated email password reset requests

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As has already been pointed out, you can not change your BTMail using Outlook. It must be done by logging onto your BTMail email account using a browser.

When you are locked out because the password has been changed are you are using the "forgotten" password route to get back in or are you using some other method.

When you do/did get back in have you checked that there are is no "forwarding" set up on your email account.

Have you set up two factor authentication

Two-step authentication | BT Help