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Scam mail?

Received a mail from giving me a PIN that was not requested! but also received a 'phone call from a foreign lady stating the usual blah blah!

The mail address looks genuine and  an abusive reply was answered which is very unusual for scam mails?

What is going on??

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Re: Scam mail?


Its a scam. Provided you did not tell them the PIN, then you are fine. They have used the forgotten password option.

If you did tell them, then your account would have been compromised and they would have access to all your details. Change your password right away.


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Re: Scam mail?

Many thanks Keith, no didn't give them a PIN  but  as the mail from BT was genuine they must be catching a few people out?

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Re: Scam mail?

It is a scam where the scammer tries to get into your account. They have obtained your phone number and email address from some where and they use the email address to try and access your account.

They then use the "forgotten password" link which will generate a PIN number to your email address or text to your phone which is what would happen if you had genuinely used the forgotten password link. 

Obviously in this case it was not genuine so the scammer follows up the PIN being sent with a phone call and claim to be from BT and to confirm that they are genuine they will inform you that they have just sent you a PIN.

In order to carry on with the call, which will be some spurious reason such as someone using your Internet,  they will ask you to confirm the PIN to them so that they know you are the account holder.

If you give them the PIN they now have the keys to the kingdom. They can access your account, your emails and email contacts. They will change your log on password and then go through everything searching for bank details etc. and then try and access your online bank accounts etc.

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Re: Scam mail?

Yes I expect that they are, especially as BT also send a PIN for genuine reasons, but you would normally be dealing with them for a reported fault and they would then only call you on the official  0800 number.

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Re: Scam mail?

I just had a call from "BT Technical Services", followed by a 4-digit code sent to my mobile and by email to me BT address and my business address. The woman calling was very persuasive, but the email was from "", so I'm grateful to this community for confirming that it's a scam. But worrying that she had so much info about me.
I asked where she was calling from, and she gave me BT's central London address, but I think that BT's technical call centres are not based there but elsewhere in the country.

Again, though, she was very good. Be Aware!

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