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Unable to Block Sender

I have noticed a considerable increase in the Scam folder since BT Email was 'upgraded'. 

It is no longer possible (for me) to block senders en masse. Instead each email has to be blocked one-by-one.

Recently the option to block a sender has disappeared completely. There is only the option to block a domain.

Scam mailers have upped their game because one cannot always see their email address.

Very concerning - not to mention suspicious.

Can anyone help please? Thank you.

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Email Spam Anomalies

  1. Problems persist post BT email upgrade. Posting under the email community page has proven to be futile.
  2. There is a considerable increase of content within the Spam folder. 
  3. It is no longer possible to block multiple senders and requires the laborious task of blocking senders one-by-one.
  4. Creating emails requires additional effort because of random font sizes appearing.

This is very concerning - not to mention suspicious. What was the rationale for the BT email 'upgrade'?

Can anyone help with the above please? Thank you.

Kind regards

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