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email nickname

Hi all

I seem to have a nickname when sending emails, I have sent one to myself to check, i want to change this to my full name.

I have been into setting and there is nowhere there that its listed, i have tried clicking on account info but it takes me to a page that is down.


I have also logged into 365 and cant find anywhere to change it, can you help?

I didn't even know that i had a nickname to send emails, i have had this account a very long time LOL.

I am applying for jobs at the moment and it does not look very professional.


Many thanks in advance for your help


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Re: email nickname

Settings > Profile > Edit for webmail.

I have Outlook 2010 so can't say where the setting is in Office 365, but it will be in Account settings somewhere. It is 'Name' in Outlook2010.

They will be independent of each other so you will need to change it in both webmail and 365.