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missing email folder

Bt email missing folder. I keep all my important travel-related information such flight booking references in a separate folder. The folder, and all the crucial messages in it, has disappeared. However, the folder name has now appeared as a sub-folder in Trash, but the folder is empty. I contacted BT support but after a long conversation said that they were unable to retrieve missing messages. They only advice they gave me was to change my password but the horse has gone. I find it hard to understand first how an entire folder can move as as sub-folder to Trash, and that the data cannot be retrieved.

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Re: missing email folder

Of no help but just so you know, if a folder is deleted it gets moved into the Trash folder and appears as a sub folder of Trash. When it is in the Trash folder any email contents should still be in that folder and the folder and its contents remains there until it is either restored to you Folder's List or the Trash is emptied.

Once an item is deleted from Trash it can not be recovered. This includes individual emails and folders.

How do you normally access your email account, is it via webmail (using a web browser) or do you use an email client/app?

Which type of device(s) do you access your email account on and do you access your email account on more than one device?

Have you checked all your devices to see if the emails are in any of the other folders that you may have? 

BT may be able to tell you which device triggered the delete but that would require Forum Moderators intervention which after you answer the above questions can be sought.

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Re: missing email folder


Thanks for taking the time to explain possible reasons for the loss of my email. Sadly I am now reconciled to accepting that the data cannot be recovered. This is a massive inconvenience, but I have managed to salvage the two most important flight booking references by contacting the airlines.

I am still bewildered about how the folder and its contents disappeared. I cannot believe I moved them to Trash manually because the process requires a confirmation step. As far as I understand things, even when a folder is moved to Trash its contents remain there until the item is permanently deleted and confirmed. I am pretty certain I did not take these actions.

To thanks again for your advice, but if you think of anything else relevant, please let me know.



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Re: missing email folder

If can you answer the questions I asked in my previous post it might help the moderators, assuming you want them to look into this, establish what happened to the folder and its contents.

Other than that I suspect that there will be nothing further that any forum members will be able to do to help.

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Re: missing email folder


Thanks again for your efforts to get to the bottom of my problem.

I access BT mail on an Android phone, an Android tablet and a Windows 11 PC. My preferred browser is Firefox with a Duckduckgo extension, but Windows 11 (new to me) has a very annoying habit of directing me to Edge, which I dislike. It  is probable that on some occasions I have inadvertently used Edge to access my mail, via the BT mail client, but mostly Firefox to go to This is true of all these devices, and I do not understand how to do it using a web browser.

Yes, I have searched all the other folders and sub-folders on all these devices. The missing folder now shows as a sub-folder in Trash, as mentioned, but this does not contain the messages relating to my travel arrangements. It does however contain one message from Microsoft about my Microsoft 365 subscription posted on 1st April. I can't remember moving this message to the folder, but I might have done as a sort of test.

I also have a G-mail and Outlook accounts which I don't use actively, but there is nothing in the inboxes related to this.

Hope I have not disturbed your Easter Sunday!



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Re: missing email folder

I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem.

Once they have read this they may be able to help but as I stated earlier, if the emails are not on webmail then it means they have been deleted and all that can be done is to try and ascertain which device caused the issue.

The moderators will advise you by posting on this thread.

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Re: missing email folder

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Re: missing email folder

Hi @johnosh

I am sorry to see that your emails look to have been deleted.

This is something that we can look into. I can't guarantee that we can get the messages back but, as @gg30340 has said, we can look into this to find out which device triggered the delete.

I have sent you a private message with some details that I need before we can pick this up.


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