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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

I'm glad to have found this thread. I activated my 6 month code today, and had a conversation with a very confused Microsoft support guy earlier.

I can understand why BT have done things this way, but like everyone else here I'd really like to know what happens next. Will my prepaid months get bumped forward every month for the next six months, or is this going to eat up my prepaid months? Also when this offer ends, will I revert to my MS managed prepaid sub?

I've cancelled the auto-renewal on my BT account page anyway, so I guess something will happen in six months time.


EDIT: I do have another question actually. If I get my hands on other GPU codes during the offer period, can I still stack these on my MS account?

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

going by what the gamepass app says, i think it stacks.
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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Hi guys.

I got a question which I’m very confused about.

As mentioned a number of times on this thread I got game pass until December 2022.

My and my brother share game pass. So he added the 12 month code from BT and it gave us a month ontop of what we already had. Expires January 2023.

Now I’ve joined BT myself. And also got a 12 months game pass to add,

Now can I add this rolling 1 month ontop of a already rolling 1 month for it to stack to 2 years?

Without losing my year I already had.

I’ve spoken to Microsoft and they do no understand the situation on this code far as they concerned it’s only a 1 month code.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband



Just wanted to add to this thread.

I have also added the 6 month sub via BT to my exisiting GPU subscription which was due to expire in 2024.

I can see in the XBOX Game Pass app that the expiry date has extended by one month.

But on my BT account I can't see any way to manage the subscription. It still shows the option to 'Add Now' for the GPU subscription.


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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

@pc99mk  For me it took quite a while before the option to "Add Now" changed to an option to manage the subscription, but it did change eventually.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband


Thanks for that. I'll leave it a few days then and check back.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Really glad I found this thread as you do start to convince yourself that you’re the only person in the world with this problem!

My GamePass Ultimate was set to expire in September 2023 as I’d preloaded it when the Series X came out.

I added the 12 month BT code directly to my Xbox account via the web and it was accepted. Now my Xbox account no longer shows my previous GPU subscription, only my new BT one.

Having chatted to Xbox support, this confused the hell out of them, as they could see no evidence at all of the BT code being added and just kept confirming that my GPU subscription will indeed expire in September 2023. So from that, according to MS, my BT 12 month code is invisible to them and has had no affect whatsoever on my GPU subscription.

In the GamePass app, however, I can see that my subscription will expire in September 2023. So again, the BT code seems to have no effect at all.

From what I can tell, the app and the web show different things. MS can only see what the GamePass app is showing me, which is different from what the web shows me.

To be honest, I shouldn’t be surprised about any of this. MS/Xbox accounts have been a giant mess for years, and to expect BT to rock up and seemingly integrate with that is incredibly optimistic. That said, it really should work and I too share the anxiety that three years of fully paid up GPU may have been lost.

So to add to the appeal, please BT, come back to us with answers and help to sort this mess out.

Thank you.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

In the same confusing boat here too.

I'm already a GPU subscriber and a new BT customer with the 12 month voucher.  I added the voucher and it's only added an additional month to my GPU sub.  As many have said, if you add GPU vouchers they will stack so will this be a rolling voucher?  MS seem to think it's a single one off.

Confirmation and an explanation is needed otherwise the offer that made me choose BT was somewhat disingenuous.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Wow! What a mess.

Earlier I spotted the offer that I would receive 12 months Game pass ultimate if I upgrade my broadband.

I have Game Pass ultimate subscription until December 2023 so first question before i even found this thread was what would happen to this as I really don't want to be loosing two years of subscription I have paid for.. seems no one can answer with confidence at the moment.

Will watch this with interest but definitely holding off doing anything at the moment

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

I got a 3 month GPU code as part of a bundle I bought over Christmas. Here’s what happens when I try to add it.


So BT really have messed me up. How do we escalate this so somebody will hear and, more importantly, listen? 

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