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Advanced Phone Z Time Zone setting

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We are currently in BST and no matter how often I change the time on the base station handset to BST after a variable period of time all the handsets revert back to GMT (i.e. 1 hour prior to BST).

The handsets are obviously syncing to some central server that is set to GMT. Does anybody know how the syncing process works and how to overcome the problem?

The phone is not connected to a BT service but the Gigaclear full fibre internet phone service. 

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Re: Advanced Phone Z Time Zone setting

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Welcome to this user forum for BT Retail phone and broadband customers.

Time synchronisation comes from the phone service provider as part of the incoming CLI (Calling Line Identifier), so you would need to raise the issue with Gigaclear who I suspect are sending GMT times which is overriding your settings.

In between times, when there is no incoming call, the phone uses its own internal clock, which would tend to lose or gain time.

See what time is displayed on an incoming call.




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