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Advice please

I have one phone connection at home. My broadband is via Vodafone and I don't think I pay a landlines fee to BT?

Problem: I now work from home. But anytime the landlines is used my Internet connection drops out which is problematic for working.

Do I need a second landline into the house. If so, what is approx cost?  Will I have to pay a monthly landline fee to BT. Is this my only option?

In plain English please  I'm not technical. Many thanks 😊 




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Re: Advice please


Your Internet connection should not drop if you use your phone, so you must have a line fault, or a problem with your internal phone wiring.

As your provider is Vodaphone, you need to report the issue to them, or post on their user forum.

This is a BT Retail customer forum, and cannot help with Vodaphone issues.

You should not have to pay for the installation and line rental for an additional line, its up to Vodaphone to sort out the problem by asking Openreach to look at the fault.

This would be the cost of an additional phone line

That does not include the connection fee which could be an extra £130.


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Re: Advice please

Do you have either a filtered Master socket (separate connections for phone & Internet) or a microfilter fitted if not?

If the former, try a microfilter into the test socket. If the latter, try another microfilter.

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