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Re: BT Essentials and Digital Voice


The media have taken it slightly out of context as the headline.

Here's the link to BT's official response:


From the above link in summary, the pause to what the media is describing is for those with telecare/care alarms where BT and others who signed up to the charter won't migrate non-voluntary, managed migrations who have telecare or care alarms without confirmation that the telecare or care alarms are compatible and work with Digital Voice.

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Re: BT Essentials and Digital Voice

I have asked the forum mods who are BT employees if there is anything they can do to help but as @Keith_Beddoe  posted changes to contract normally require move to DV.

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Re: BT Essentials and Digital Voice

Hi @VictorM96 welcome to the community and thanks for posting. The temporary pause is with bulk migrations, so ordering a new service is not affected by the pause, as it is a voluntary migration. I would recommend that you call 0800 800 150 and ask to speak with the Home Essentials team, explain to them you're mother's vulnerabilities and they will be able to discuss the available options for her. 



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Re: BT Essentials and Digital Voice

Thank you.
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