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Call Protect

Does anyone know if BT is still actively supporting Call Protect?  When the scheme was introduced 5 years ago BT claimed to have "a team working 24/7" to identify scam numbers and add them to their own blacklist *before* we get hit by them.  But my elderly mother keeps getting scam calls.  Afterwards we manually add them to her Call Protect blacklist, but of course the scammers keep changing their numbers.  It does feel as if BT is doing little to tackle the problem themselves.

Also it would be useful if we could add wildcards to the blacklist.  For example about 50% of my mother's scam calls originate from the 0161 8** area code; it would be great to block this region.  It's not rocket science, and BT is supposed to be a high-tech organisation...

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Re: Call Protect

Scammers don't actually call from these areas. The chances are they are faked numbers appearing as if they are calling from that area.

I recently had a call claiming to be from BT. They used the same area code as mine, which obviously was faked. I put the phone down. I discovered they faked numbers when I posted the incident on the BT Community website. The replies where most helpful.

My mother who is nearly 80 has Call Protect. It is very good but the problem is the number list of blocked numbers soon fills up and you have to delete some to free up memory.

If you get an unannounced call from 'BT' or 'Microsoft' or whoever just put the phone down. It is a scam. 



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Re: Call Protect

Blacklists are are waste of time, the amount of numbers to block is almost infinite.

The only sensible option is a whitelist on a call blocking phone.

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Re: Call Protect

Is there anyway to contact BT over numbers in their blacklist? Since being transferred to Digital Voice my phone won't accept calls from local NHS services that display as the same number despite the number being in my contacts

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Re: Call Protect


Have you checked your DV settings in MYBT where you can manage your calls and possibly make change so calls are not rejected

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Re: Call Protect

Tried everything I could see including adding number to my contacts, older phone (truecall?) had feature to allow numbers but can't find that in digital voice/call protect
I have just had phone call from call blocking department about an upgrade but think it was a scam after a quick search on number displayed
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